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Antler Protein - Forage soybeans provide protein when it is needed the most. Forage soybeans are a high protein summer forage Laredo Forage Soybean - The original forage soybean Laredo's unique black seed coat preserves the seed allowing it to re-seed itself. Tyrone Forage Soybeans - Scientifically developed by Dr. Tom Devine Tyrone: A giant among soybeans - Auburn University Tyrones are an excellent grain yielder where deer browsing can be a problem.

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Forage Soybeans for Grazing, Hay, and Silage

Specialty Seed, Inc. offers the largest selection of forage soybeans for sale anywhere and backs them up with on-the-ground wildlife management experience. With over 30 years of soybean farming experience, we can help you choose the right soybean variety for your soil and growing conditions, give detailed instructions on soil preparation and forage soybean planting methods, provide information on how to calibrate your spray equipment, and point you towards the right herbicide for your situation. Specialty Seed’s two primary goals when it was a new seed business were to develop the best duck millet and the best forage soybean variety. We have done this and more! We did not stop working when we had one variety of forage soybean, not at all. We actually worked harder. We were wanting varieties with different agronomic traits to give gamekeepers options, options for different regions, soils, growing conditions, and objectives. Specialty Seed, Inc is proud to be selected by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to grow seed for the Tara, Derry and Tyrone forage soybean varieties. Soybean breeder and plant geneticist, Dr. Tom Devine, developed these three varieties. The Tara, Derry, and Tyrone are the gold standard for conventional, non-genetically modified organism (GMO) forage soybean varieties. Today Specialty Seed offers five varieties of conventional forage, non-GMO soybean varieties, and three varieties of glyphosate tolerant or Roundup Ready varieties. Glyphosate tolerant is the new way of saying Roundup Ready. The designation “GT” for glyphosate tolerant will also be used in a variety’s name to designate it as being tolerant to the herbicide glyphosate. Glyphosate is the active ingredient in Roundup.

Conventional Forage Soybean Varieties

The conventional forage soybean varieties Specialty Seed Inc. carries are: Tara, Derry, Tyrone, Laredo, and the Quail Haven Re-Seeding Soybean. These varieties span the maturity groups (MG) 5-8. Their representative maturity groups are Derry (5 MG), Derry (6 MG), Laredo (6 MG), Tyrone (MG 7), and Quail Haven Re-Seeding vining soybean (MG 8).

Glyphosate Tolerant & Roundup Ready Forage Soybean Varieties

The glyphosate tolerant or Roundup Ready varieties Specialty Seed is known for are Titan, Colossus LJ, and Goliath LJ. These varieties bring a convenience to gamekeepers and livestock producers with the convenience of being herbicide tolerant soybean varieties, specifically to Roundup Up and glyphosate. The LJ designation in Colossus and Goliath’s name represent Long Juvenile. The long juvenile trait is a genetic trait in both of these varieties that allows them to be less sensitive to daylight length than non-long juvenile soybean varieties. This is beneficial for late plantings. Though Colossus LJ and Goliath LJ perform well when planted early in the growing season, they are less sensitive to daylight length if planted later in the growing seasons when daylight length starts to get shorter.

Eagle Seed Forage Soybean for Sale

Specialty Seed has enjoyed a long relationship with Eagle Seed and has carried their products as an Eagle Seed dealer since Eagle Seed’s early years of selling forage soybeans. Specialty Seed carries the full line of Eagle Seed Roundup Ready (RR) forage soybeans including: Large Lad, Big Fellow, Wildlife Manager's Mix, Game Keeper Mix, Habitat Haven Mix, Multimax, Pod Haven, and Eagle Seed Ag Beans.

Forage Soybeans for Sale Online

Specialty Seed, Inc. is the leader in wildlife seed. The combination of providing quality wildlife seed and service has set us apart from all other seed companies. Our service does not end at the sale. We are available at all times to help you with your farming and wildlife management questions. Whether it’s forage soybean for livestock or wildlife, we want to ensure you get the maximum amount of protein and biomass out of every acre. Specialty Seed carries a full line of forage seed products used for wildlife food plots, livestock forages, and cover crops. Customer service from before the seed is planted until harvest is one of our trademarks.